Safety & Security

The Global Data Center facility was designed by leading professional security consultants. The physical protection plan of the underground facility is based on multiple security rings:

The facility includes break-in prevention systems, entrance control systems, and more.

Entry control policies to the client area are determined in accordance with client requirements and facility authorizations.

Entry to client areas requires confirmation.

All activity is documented in a log generated by the control system.

In case of emergency, the client’s security center is immediately notified and a report is generated.

The site is well protected from external damage. Its internal walls contain concrete or metal lining.

The facility has a fire detection system, proactive sprinkler systems, and a flood detection system at sensitive points in compliance with the safety standards.

The facility is equipped with a Threat Readiness Plan, which establishes a ready response for every potential threat, including a missile attack, an earthquake, or a break in, and regulates the actions to be taken at each point between an emergency and a routine situation

Manned 24/7, its entrance is secured by an advanced biometric system.

The facility is divided into different security levels according to the different client infrastructure and requirements.